Misinterpreting Bible Verses

A lot of times people like to find a verse in the Bible that supports their point of view in order to win an argument or validate their way of thinking. However, this can lead to people forming a skewed idea of what the Bible is and what intention the writer of the book had … Continue reading Misinterpreting Bible Verses

Facebook Square Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

How do you create a square video project in Adobe Premiere Pro? If you're a videographer who is also a digital marketer like me, then you've probably made (or attempted to make) square videos for Instagram, Facebook or other such platforms. If you haven't done it before and would really like to make your first … Continue reading Facebook Square Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

How to Give a GIF

Hey! GIFs are fun. Well, they can be fun if they're done right. Not saying I'm an expert (I am by no means an expert. Trust me), but I've learned a lot about how looping GIFs can enhance a digital interaction. The very fact it can loop infinitely gives you an interesting platform photos and videos cannot offer. … Continue reading How to Give a GIF

Life Skills Update Vol. 2

I continue to learn a lot. My life has expanded in many directions over the past year or two, so bear with me while I sum it all up in a couple paragraphs and bulleted lists. New Work Skills With a generic title like Digital Content Marketing Associate I expected to be diving into a swath of new … Continue reading Life Skills Update Vol. 2

The Sony FS5 Footage

At my current job we purchased these cameras, but what you're probably wondering is "how does the Sony FS5 footage look?" So let me dive into a little review of my experience. First off, I'm falling in love with slow motion. I have not used slow motion in the past due to the lack of … Continue reading The Sony FS5 Footage

Panasonic DVX200 4K Camera

I'm always interested in new cameras and the Panasonic DVX200 is no exception. I think they're putting an amazing product with cinema style 4k into a price range that most documentary and indi film makers and obtain. With a Micro 4/3 sensor you're getting some amazing footage. Check out this review from Holdan Limited.

Researching and Writing at My New Job

My first real project at Primer 180 was to research and write and article on aerial adventure parks, also known as high ropes courses. This article was great fun as I tried to pick a number of good ones from as many different states as I could. I know there are plenty more, but I … Continue reading Researching and Writing at My New Job

Moved to Minnesota – Concluded My Time in Maryland

It has been a couple weeks since my last blog post because of some large transitions I have been going through. First of all, my time at Stevenson University ended on March 20, which gave me and my family a week to finish packing and head to Minnesota on March 29. With the help of … Continue reading Moved to Minnesota – Concluded My Time in Maryland

Taylor Family Photo Shoot

Even amongst the craziness of moving at the end of this week I was able to do a photo shoot for my friends Dominick and Danita Taylor. It's rather interesting that we went to college together and wound up in the same city halfway across the country. Anyway, after many months of schedule conflicts we … Continue reading Taylor Family Photo Shoot

Formats, Codecs, Bit Rates and Rendering Videos

So. You've shot and edited your video. Now what? How do you get your masterpiece out of your editing timeline and into the world? Exporting video is one of the most complex tasks in the video world when you don't know what you're doing. There are literally tens of thousands of different combinations that play into how a video … Continue reading Formats, Codecs, Bit Rates and Rendering Videos