Life Skills Update Vol. 2

Video camera hand gun

I continue to learn a lot. My life has expanded in many directions over the past year or two, so bear with me while I sum it all up in a couple paragraphs and bulleted lists.

New Work Skills

With a generic title like Digital Content Marketing Associate I expected to be diving into a swath of new skills in social media and website content development that I’ve only begun to touch on before taking my current position at Primer 180. So I will now bullet point the rest of these skills I’ve been privileged to acquire broken up into segments:

Directing a video shoot

Website and Social Media

  • How to better schedule posts, optimize text and photos for social media outlets
  • Understand Google Analytics with a little more depth
  • Create online quizes
  • Write image heavy listicle articles for websites
  • Make engaging product review posts
  • Catch on to the Tasty style video trend
  • Produce shorter and shorter social videos for web and social consumption
  • Learning to filter emails as a manager and point of contact for a brand
  • Designing graphics for websites and social media
  • Sourcing photos – free and paid – for websites and social media
  • Writing an entertaining and brand conscious recipe article
  • Utilizing PromoSimple to do product giveaways to build fan contacts
  • Navigating MailChimp as a subscription list for Enewsletters
  • Designing e-newsletters on MailChimp and scheduling best times to launch campaigns
  • Using Ubersuggest for writing better article headlines
  • Conducting Pro video interviews with brand ambassadors
  • Writing articles for digital magazines
  • Understanding better ways to utilize Facebook ads
  • Gathering video and photo assets at a convention/retailer show to create killer content
  • Got to experience a brand launch and die within a year
  • Became involved in banner ad rotations on websites

Video production Clap board

Video Production

  • Got my Drone Certification through the FAA to legally fly a UAV for commercial use
  • Producer/Director of second film unit on a large video project
  • Had a hand in story boarding, script writing, script supervising on a large video project
  • Script supervisor and clapboard technician on large video project
  • Filmed the National Lacrosse Championships
  • Worked to launch a video brand initiative by producing several videos
  • Filmed and tested my first 360 degree video
  • Successfully uploaded my first 360 video to YouTube as a test
  • Created my first time freeze special effects videos
  • Conducted many interviews in the challenging convention environment
  • DP, editor, motion graphics coordinator and sound designer for 2017 Zippo product launch
  • Location scouting for Zippo product videos in the dead of winter
  • Coordinated with a hired producer to generate an outdoor campfire scene indoors
  • Studio photographer/videographer capturing assets for e-learning program
  • Producing extreme close up videos using lens extenders

New Life Milestones

  • This past year my wife and I have managed to buy our first house. Yay!
  • Then we went from 0 kids in school to 2 kids in school.
  • We became host parents to a high school student from the southern coast of Spain. (Yea, the cold Minnesota weather is a big shock for her)

If you made it this far, you’re dedicated, or you’re a stalker who should focus their attention on something more important in your own life. Anyway, I am blessed to have experienced so much these past couple years and I look forward to what I can learn in the upcoming year.

Keep it real.

Sony FS700 Video Camera in Production

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