Will 4K Entice You to Buy a Camcorder Again?

Camcorder. You remember how you looked while holding these things? Like an arm wrestler about to face an opponent. For those of you who used VHS and Hi-8 tapes the word "camcorder" brings up slightly larger camera models...like the boxy thing shown above. I've used both and I'm glad to say they have been phased … Continue reading Will 4K Entice You to Buy a Camcorder Again?

Canon Rep Reflects on Creation of DSLR Video

Pure gold. If you know anything about Canon DSLR Video and have been keeping up with their new releases...I just about died laughing at this. It will go way over the head of non-DSLR video shooters, but it's comic genius for those of us who know what he's talking about. Enjoy!

The Phantom Editors

The best edit is an edit you don't see. When watching a movie you don't want to notice the editor's choices of camera angles you want to be engrossed in a story. A well told story doesn't need to be flashy, it needs to be seamless. These world class film editors speak on their experience … Continue reading The Phantom Editors

Billy & Janelle Wedding Photos

I recently had the privilege to do photography for Billy and Janelle's wedding on January 31, 2015. It was a fun wedding with a lot of great people and plenty of laughs as the two exchanged vows and shared stories of each other. I'm very excited for their future together. Enjoy the photos!  

Old Fashioned vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

I appreciate art. The ability to be creative is a beautiful skill. The reason movies are so popular is because of a creative story and creative story telling. However, when art infringes on morality, that's when I have a problem. This weekend Fifty Shades of Grey will be coming out in theaters across the country … Continue reading Old Fashioned vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

New Epic Marching Band Promo Video

In a previous post I showed the removal of a fly on my camera lens during a shot of the marching band at Stevenson. Here is the technical aspects of the video for those interested. It uses football halftime show and parade footage I captured on a Canon 60D with a Sigma 10-20mm lens mounted … Continue reading New Epic Marching Band Promo Video

Camera DSLR Shutter Action in Super Slow Motion

This is simply amazing to see. It's a process that so many photographers take for granted. The Slow Mo Guys made a video showing how the shutter and mirror retraction occur in a typical DSLR camera. This particular experiment used a Canon 7D which is their go-to camera for filming non-slow-motion footage. Another thing they … Continue reading Camera DSLR Shutter Action in Super Slow Motion