Convicted by Chan

I've always been a fan of Francis Chan. His passion for God is undeniable. His captivating talks about Christianity have moved people through sermons, conferences and books such as Crazy Love. But more than his passion, his powerful teachings and his highly impactful books is the fact that he always points people back to God. … Continue reading Convicted by Chan

Hook-ed on Ukulele Work-ed for Me

So, my wife got me a ukulele this past Christmas. I don't remember ever indicating my desire to have a ukulele. I'd hinted my desire to someday play a guitar, but I know a guitar worth buying is out of my price range. But my wife surprised me and got me a uke with an … Continue reading Hook-ed on Ukulele Work-ed for Me

New Job, New State, New Chapter in Life (Part 2)

Getting a job at Stevenson University was only the first stop of relocating my family to a new state half way across the country. Next we needed a place to live, a place to worship together with other believers in the Baltimore area and hopefully have them somewhat close to my new job. My first … Continue reading New Job, New State, New Chapter in Life (Part 2)