I love capturing great stories. I have experience producing freelance videos for individuals, corporations, artists and universities looking to add some quality videos to enhance their brand or highlight a particular experience. I work on a client-by-client basis to suit specific needs. Making videos is a part of my life, so here is some of my work. Enjoy!

Video Portfolio 2017 from Jake Wattenphul on Vimeo.

Here is my video portfolio teaser from Spring 2015.

This is a quick video for the brand 50 Campfires:

An older video portfolio, but it still has some fine things that show a good spectrum of different styles of video I have made.

A promo for the Marching Band at Stevenson University:

Torched Halloween Candy Tasting Notes

Benjamin, co-founder of Zerflin, commissioned me to edit this piece to show the process of making his artwork:

Art Gallery Opening for a Baltimore Artist who also owns Zerflin:

Artists Compound presents: SAY WUT! A Typographical Art Show from Zerflin on Vimeo.

Pep Rally Video for Stevenson University:

Promotional video for a play at Stevenson:

Commercial that aired on TV for the Hoopsville Invitational Basketball Tournament at Stevenson:

Little Italy Art Gallery Opening:

Men’s Lacrosse wins the NCAA DIII Champtionship:

2013 Lego Challenge at Stevenson University:

A crazy, over the top, early 90s style infomercial about Stevenson’s Opt In system:

A Project I did for Stevenson’s Advancement (fundraising) department:

A freelance video I did for Fisher BioServices a company headquartered near Washington DC and Baltimore, MD:

An earlier short film I did for the Reelie Film Festival at Crown:

One in a series of videos I did to document some campus renovations at Crown College:

A fund raising video I did for Crown:

The video that started it all. I made this video with some friends and a pool table and I was hooked making films.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this vast selection of short videos I’ve made over the years. I continue to learn new techniques and find new clients to expand my experience. If you’re looking for a videographer I’m always interested in doing side projects. Thanks for reading/watching!

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