Facebook Square Videos in Adobe Premiere Pro

How do you create a square video project in Adobe Premiere Pro? If you’re a videographer who is also a digital marketer like me, then you’ve probably made (or attempted to make) square videos for Instagram, Facebook or other such platforms.

If you haven’t done it before and would really like to make your first one then this video is a great resource for converting a typical 16:9 widescreen video into a 1:1 square video for Facebook. It’s really simple if you’re at all familiar with Premiere, but there are a lot of settings to go through to get optimal and repeatable results.

You have probably seen square videos on Facebook before with the text on the top and bottom, but have wondered why anyone would ruin a perfectly good video by putting black bars with text on top and bottom. Well, it’s because square videos take up more of the screen on a phone. This means the video takes up more space and there’s less space for the viewer to get distracted by what’s next on the feed. This means square videos encourage viewers to stay longer watching your video and possibly wonder what other content your channel might have that’s relevant to their interests.

If you have made square videos for social media in the past, please share some of your examples.

Unil next time, have a fantastic day!

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