Clarifying the Recent History of Israel

Now I'm not Jewish. As far as I know, I have no Jewish blood. However, as a Christian (and a descent human being), I can differentiate right from wrong, justice and irrational behavior. While the conflict in the middle east has a complicated history on the surface it boils down to one simple premise of … Continue reading Clarifying the Recent History of Israel

Jada Koren Pinkett Smith – Zerflin Art Video

My good friend Benjamin, who is co founder of the website and graphic design company, Zerflin, asked me to make a video to show the process of creating one of his works of art. Take a look and enjoy. If you would like to see more of his art and/or purchase one of his pieces … Continue reading Jada Koren Pinkett Smith – Zerflin Art Video

Baltimore Ukulele Symphonette

I had the honor of playing with the Baltimore Ukulele Symphonette for the second time. It always amazes me how much sound can come from a ukulele. It's such a little instrument with a tarnished reputation, but because of that, ukuleles often exceed expectations in the hands of a skilled musician (I'm talking about the … Continue reading Baltimore Ukulele Symphonette

A Video for Zerflin

I had the priviledge to work with Benjamin Jancewicz on a video in June. He is a local artist, website developer and graphic designer. He is also a great friend. Check out this video of him and his work at the Say Wut art exhibit: Artists Compound presents: SAY WUT! A Typographical Art Show from … Continue reading A Video for Zerflin