How to Give a GIF

Camping GIF

Hey! GIFs are fun. Well, they can be fun if they’re done right. Not saying I’m an expert (I am by no means an expert. Trust me), but I’ve learned a lot about how looping GIFs can enhance a digital interaction. The very fact it can loop infinitely gives you an interesting platform photos and videos cannot offer. It’s the ultimate way to draw attention to something. However, that attention can be a gigantic distraction to your brand instead of an enhancement if not done well.

Digging through my completed projects over the past few years has made me realize the wide array of digital stuff I’ve been able to work on. This first one was a stop motion video that I turned into a GIF and a coworker added the text to post on the 50 Campfires Facebook page (a fantastic camping brand BTW).



You can make GIFs using a number of platforms such as Adobe Photoshop or online using GIPHY. You can compile a GIF using a series of photos or by importing a video that, in turn, gets a lower frame rate and degraded color. The GIF format is old so the compression is not very efficient and the files sizes are difficult to keep small. This is why GIFs tend to be 4-5 seconds. Longer GIFs can slow down a webpage and the GIF can play very choppy, which will hurt your brand. No one wants to spend time watching a slow loading GIF. Don’t be that guy.

There was an inside joke on a video/photography studio set that required a model to stand on a turn table and show firearm shooting positions. We had fun with some test shots and told him eat a pizza. It was a hit among coworkers and brings a smile to my face when I think about the fun I had making it.

GIF Eating Pizza

Use GIFs wisely. There are some terrible GIFs out there that distract from a brand instead of enhance it. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of GIFs before jumping into using it on your brand’s website or social sites.

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