Panasonic DVX200 4K Camera

I'm always interested in new cameras and the Panasonic DVX200 is no exception. I think they're putting an amazing product with cinema style 4k into a price range that most documentary and indi film makers and obtain. With a Micro 4/3 sensor you're getting some amazing footage. Check out this review from Holdan Limited.

Epic Masterpiece for Filmmaking and the Human Race

I don't often get chills, but this video makes you want to get out and change the world. There have been some amazing works of art displayed on the big screen since the turn of the 20th century. A truly fantastic movie comes out every few years, and this short montage succeeds in capturing scenes … Continue reading Epic Masterpiece for Filmmaking and the Human Race

The Phantom Editors

The best edit is an edit you don't see. When watching a movie you don't want to notice the editor's choices of camera angles you want to be engrossed in a story. A well told story doesn't need to be flashy, it needs to be seamless. These world class film editors speak on their experience … Continue reading The Phantom Editors

Old Fashioned vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

I appreciate art. The ability to be creative is a beautiful skill. The reason movies are so popular is because of a creative story and creative story telling. However, when art infringes on morality, that's when I have a problem. This weekend Fifty Shades of Grey will be coming out in theaters across the country … Continue reading Old Fashioned vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

Camera DSLR Shutter Action in Super Slow Motion

This is simply amazing to see. It's a process that so many photographers take for granted. The Slow Mo Guys made a video showing how the shutter and mirror retraction occur in a typical DSLR camera. This particular experiment used a Canon 7D which is their go-to camera for filming non-slow-motion footage. Another thing they … Continue reading Camera DSLR Shutter Action in Super Slow Motion

10 Tips for Shooting Time-Lapse with DSLR

I had the opportunity to test out some new skills in time-lapse photography this week. So, after reading many articles and watching a couple hours of YouTube videos, I had my trial by the cold of December. I found a few things to be true... December outdoor time-lapse shoots are cold. Bring layers. Shooting time-lapse … Continue reading 10 Tips for Shooting Time-Lapse with DSLR

New 360 Degree Film Making

I am ever interested in the future of film making. This just blew my mind in both concept and obtainability. Wouldn't it be cool to watch a movie as a character who can look around freely? You could see all the action in every direction while the plot unfolds. No longer would you just see one … Continue reading New 360 Degree Film Making

Exodus: Gods and Kings – Coming Soon

With the increased interest Hollywood is placing on Bible based films, how will the latest movie Exodus: Gods and Kings stand up to being accurate to the original story? Will it end up being another Noah movie that was, let's just say, a broad paraphrase with interesting interpretations and elaborations of the story? I really … Continue reading Exodus: Gods and Kings – Coming Soon