Panasonic DVX200 4K Camera

I'm always interested in new cameras and the Panasonic DVX200 is no exception. I think they're putting an amazing product with cinema style 4k into a price range that most documentary and indi film makers and obtain. With a Micro 4/3 sensor you're getting some amazing footage. Check out this review from Holdan Limited.


Will 4K Entice You to Buy a Camcorder Again?

Camcorder. You remember how you looked while holding these things? Like an arm wrestler about to face an opponent. For those of you who used VHS and Hi-8 tapes the word "camcorder" brings up slightly larger camera the boxy thing shown above. I've used both and I'm glad to say they have been phased … Continue reading Will 4K Entice You to Buy a Camcorder Again?