Will 4K Entice You to Buy a Camcorder Again?


Camcorder. You remember how you looked while holding these things? Like an arm wrestler about to face an opponent. For those of you who used VHS and Hi-8 tapes the word “camcorder” brings up slightly larger camera models…like the boxy thing shown above. I’ve used both and I’m glad to say they have been phased out (aside from the oddly nostalgic people who like to revive old technology because they think it’s cool).

Needless to say, the average consumer does not need a camcorder anymore. Ever since smart phones started to offer decent HD video modes these bulky cameras became obsolete unless you’re planning to do more than a video of your cat, baby or neighbor’s birthday party.

Now cameras are pushing 4K as the next big thing. Manufacturers hope this will bring new sales to this line of camera that has been in a decline. Read more on this Gizmodo article.

Panasonic 4K camcorder

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