Panasonic DVX200 4K Camera

I'm always interested in new cameras and the Panasonic DVX200 is no exception. I think they're putting an amazing product with cinema style 4k into a price range that most documentary and indi film makers and obtain. With a Micro 4/3 sensor you're getting some amazing footage. Check out this review from Holdan Limited.

Taylor Family Photo Shoot

Even amongst the craziness of moving at the end of this week I was able to do a photo shoot for my friends Dominick and Danita Taylor. It's rather interesting that we went to college together and wound up in the same city halfway across the country. Anyway, after many months of schedule conflicts we … Continue reading Taylor Family Photo Shoot

Epic Masterpiece for Filmmaking and the Human Race

I don't often get chills, but this video makes you want to get out and change the world. There have been some amazing works of art displayed on the big screen since the turn of the 20th century. A truly fantastic movie comes out every few years, and this short montage succeeds in capturing scenes … Continue reading Epic Masterpiece for Filmmaking and the Human Race

Canon Rep Reflects on Creation of DSLR Video

Pure gold. If you know anything about Canon DSLR Video and have been keeping up with their new releases...I just about died laughing at this. It will go way over the head of non-DSLR video shooters, but it's comic genius for those of us who know what he's talking about. Enjoy!

The Phantom Editors

The best edit is an edit you don't see. When watching a movie you don't want to notice the editor's choices of camera angles you want to be engrossed in a story. A well told story doesn't need to be flashy, it needs to be seamless. These world class film editors speak on their experience … Continue reading The Phantom Editors

New Epic Marching Band Promo Video

In a previous post I showed the removal of a fly on my camera lens during a shot of the marching band at Stevenson. Here is the technical aspects of the video for those interested. It uses football halftime show and parade footage I captured on a Canon 60D with a Sigma 10-20mm lens mounted … Continue reading New Epic Marching Band Promo Video

Camera DSLR Shutter Action in Super Slow Motion

This is simply amazing to see. It's a process that so many photographers take for granted. The Slow Mo Guys made a video showing how the shutter and mirror retraction occur in a typical DSLR camera. This particular experiment used a Canon 7D which is their go-to camera for filming non-slow-motion footage. Another thing they … Continue reading Camera DSLR Shutter Action in Super Slow Motion

Removing Specks on Your Lens in After Effects

Do you ever take a look at your footage in the edit room and find out there are specks on it? Sometimes it's due to a dirty lens, other times there might be dust that has gotten on the sensor inside your camera. Either way there are methods to remove it in post using After … Continue reading Removing Specks on Your Lens in After Effects

Showcase Your Work With a Video Portfolio

Never let your Demo Reel get dusty. If you're constantly producing new video, photo or motion graphics content then make sure you're showcasing your work along the way. I have neglected to update my video portfolio for nearly 3 years now. In that time I have helped produce well over 100 videos for Stevenson University, … Continue reading Showcase Your Work With a Video Portfolio

How to Work Faster In After Effects

I have been doing a great deal of work in After Effects recently. In fact, to be a proficient videographer and editor you should know After Effects or Apple Motion to add that extra "wow" effect to your videos. These programs are¬†extremely complex and will tend run very slowly on a computer that does not … Continue reading How to Work Faster In After Effects