Epic Masterpiece for Filmmaking and the Human Race

I don't often get chills, but this video makes you want to get out and change the world. There have been some amazing works of art displayed on the big screen since the turn of the 20th century. A truly fantastic movie comes out every few years, and this short montage succeeds in capturing scenes … Continue reading Epic Masterpiece for Filmmaking and the Human Race

New 360 Degree Film Making

I am ever interested in the future of film making. This just blew my mind in both concept and obtainability. Wouldn't it be cool to watch a movie as a┬ácharacter who can look around freely? You could see all the action in every direction while the plot unfolds. No longer would you just see one … Continue reading New 360 Degree Film Making

Exodus: Gods and Kings – Coming Soon

With the increased interest Hollywood is placing on Bible based films, how will the latest movie Exodus: Gods and Kings stand up to being accurate to the original story? Will it end up being another Noah movie that was, let's just say, a broad paraphrase with interesting interpretations and elaborations of the story? I really … Continue reading Exodus: Gods and Kings – Coming Soon