New 360 Degree Film Making

I am ever interested in the future of film making. This just blew my mind in both concept and obtainability. Wouldn’t it be cool to watch a movie as a character who can look around freely? You could see all the action in every direction while the plot unfolds. No longer would you just see one fixed point of view on a flat screen. With this new Jaunt VR camera setup 360 degree filming is possible.

Jaunt Virtual Reality 360 degree filming

Read the full article on No Film School and on Gizmodo.

A film crew is creating a 10 minute short film set during WWII to test and display the possibilities of this type of video production. Unfortunately it still takes a long time to process 360 degrees of video so the workflow of this type of production will still be out of the average low budget videographer’s hands for some time, but the possibilities are exciting. I’m already dreaming of what it would be like to operate a rig that captures video from every angle.

I think of how this changes writing for films, staging the sets, coaching actors or the performance of the actors all together. The crew needs to be in hiding completely. There is no resting behind the camera when the camera can see in every direction. When you’re on set and the camera is rolling, there’s no stopping. It’s almost like a live stage performance where the actors are in a thrust stage and the audience is all around. Except the roles are reversed. The audience is in the center of the room and the actors are playing their characters all around the audience. Interesting plot devices could be placed amidst the action, next to the main action or behind the main action all at once.


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