Keep Your Receipts

When it comes to large purchases it is always a best practice to keep your proof of purchase. For video and photography equipment – cameras, lenses and accessory gear – these are no exception. Most of this gear has warranties if registered with a proof of purchase.

Canon Camera and tamron-17-50mm lens

I was recently in a situation at work where I had a lens malfunction. It was a lens that was purchased before I started at Stevenson University and the receipt was not in my records. The lens in question is a Tamron 17-50mm SP AF F/2.8 XR Di II VC. It’s a good lens if your interested in a fast wide to mid range zoom. And with Tamron’s 6 year warranty, it is even more appealing.

However, you cannot qualify for the 6 year warranty if you do not have the proof of purchase. It took me some searching and asking questions, but eventually the receipt was found and I’m in the process of sending it in to be repaired. The lesson of always having a paper trail is crucial for anyone making purchases over, say, $50.

Lesson of the day: Always keep your receipts.

Thanks for your readership!

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