Exodus: Gods and Kings – Coming Soon

Exodus - Gods and Kings Trailer Christian Bale

With the increased interest Hollywood is placing on Bible based films, how will the latest movie Exodus: Gods and Kings stand up to being accurate to the original story? Will it end up being another Noah movie that was, let’s just say, a broad paraphrase with interesting interpretations and elaborations of the story? I really hope with great anticipation that Ridley Scott brings out the amazing qualities of the righteous, loving and just God that is found in the Bible. We shall see.

Exodus - Gods and Kings Trailer Parting Sea

Here’s the trailer that just came out. Take a look.


Will this be better than the Charlton Heston Exodus movie the 10 Commandments? Obviously the technology for visual effects has changed drastically since then, so the visual nature of the film will be a thousand times greater. However, as good as the visual effects are, the story is king for any movie (Anyone seen Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow?). Take a look at the trailer of this old classic.

Please let me know if you anticipate seeing this and what your expectations are. Judging by the trailer is should have some stunning effects and great CGI. With a great script and the A list actors such as Christian Bale, this should be a fantastic film that will live on for generations just as the Ten Commandments has.

Exodus - Gods and Kings Trailer

As always, thanks for reading!

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