Epic Masterpiece for Filmmaking and the Human Race

I don't often get chills, but this video makes you want to get out and change the world. There have been some amazing works of art displayed on the big screen since the turn of the 20th century. A truly fantastic movie comes out every few years, and this short montage succeeds in capturing scenes … Continue reading Epic Masterpiece for Filmmaking and the Human Race

Riding Motorcycles – Discombobulated Thoughts On Bikers

With great freedom comes great responsibility - Eleanor Roosevelt This is a post of random thoughts regarding riding motorcycles. Share your story in the comments if you wish. Ride on my friends. Motorcycles represent freedom in many ways. You have more control. You're encouraged to explore. You travel to enjoy the journey more than simply arriving at … Continue reading Riding Motorcycles – Discombobulated Thoughts On Bikers

Meeting Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founder

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet and listen to Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, as he came and spoke at Stevenson University. Since I do photography and video production there I get the chance to see some neat people visit campus. My first impression, as he chatted with a few of us before the event, … Continue reading Meeting Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founder

Advice for the Over Committed

Stage 2 Planning Partners offers these reasons for one's over committed-ness. The reasons are: 1. You have terrible time and project management skills. 2. You’re over committed. ...But professor! Isn't there another option? There's got to be another reason, right? Nope. You are either not managing your time wisely, or you have too much going on.  … Continue reading Advice for the Over Committed