Advice for the Over Committed

Stage 2 Planning Partners offers these reasons for one's over committed-ness. The reasons are: 1. You have terrible time and project management skills. 2. You’re over committed. ...But professor! Isn't there another option? There's got to be another reason, right? Nope. You are either not managing your time wisely, or you have too much going on.  … Continue reading Advice for the Over Committed


What Am I Doing With My Life? 5 Ways to Find Your Calling

Whether you're just finishing high school or college, moving to a new city or weary of the same job, day after day, this question constantly buzzes in the back of our minds. "What should I do with my life?" As a Christian, I have told myself that to simply do the right thing as much … Continue reading What Am I Doing With My Life? 5 Ways to Find Your Calling

7 Habits I Aim to Break…

Habits to break  Habits do not die easily. I have some habits that I want to cut out of my life in order to be more energetic, organized and productive. Some of these are rather personal, but I believe my transparency can inspire you to be transparent with yourself in organizing your bad habits in … Continue reading 7 Habits I Aim to Break…