7 Habits I Aim to Break…

Habits to break

 Habits do not die easily. I have some habits that I want to cut out of my life in order to be more energetic, organized and productive. Some of these are rather personal, but I believe my transparency can inspire you to be transparent with yourself in organizing your bad habits in which to break.

Some Habits to Break:

  1. Setting my alarm to snooze more than once in the morning. I am in a habit of hitting snooze upwards of 5 times each morning and, frankly, my wife is annoyed and I’m not benefiting at all by rushing to work every morning.
    1. In the same vein, I resolve to get up more than 30 minutes before I need to leave for work. I’m not a college student anymore, I’m a hardworking husband, father and employee of an institution.
  2. Going to bed late. As the saying goes, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.” – Benjamin Franklin. I could stand to be a little more health, a little more wealthy…and being wise is good too.
  3. Also linked to the first two resolutions is my tendency to arrive late to work each day by about 15 minutes. While most of my coworkers don’t come it right at 8:00am, it is assumed that 8am is the start of the workday. While I definitely work at least 8hrs a day, I need to set the standard and come to work early, so I can leave early and be home with my family. This is a way to organize my life more efficiently and be more loving toward my family by giving them more of my time in the afternoon.
  4. Find time to be alone in God’s word more than once a week. I have very rarely been a reliable Bible reader and I want to change that.
  5. I want to memorize a bible passage each month. There is no better way to follow my Savior than to have His words in my heart and on the tip of my tongue.
  6. I will not delay the unpleasant. I have a habit of avoiding things if I believe someone would be disappointed or hurt by a particular action or comment. No one likes to hear unpleasant things, but unpleasantness is a part of life and it is freeing to uncover truth instead of letting the unpleasant knowledge fester inside.
  7. I desire to quit working for the wrong job throughout the day. Being split between four positions has been taxing on my focus. However, I don’t have an excuse. I will work for the correct job at the correct time of day for the required length of time.

These are by no means lofty habits to break, but it will be beneficial for me to tighten up my life a bit. Slowly overcoming these bad habits will make me a better person, husband, father & teacher. I pray this list will inspire you to do a personal inventory of the things you can cut out and/or tighten up in your life. Blessings on your day!

2 thoughts on “7 Habits I Aim to Break…

    1. Thanks, man. I am only a year and a half late in responding to your comment. :/
      I’m still trying to work out these bad habits. And yes, it’s probably even more important to work on developing good habits to replace the old ones. Good thoughts. 🙂

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