Shave and a Hair Cut (“Two Bits”)…

So, after growing out the  hair all over my face and head for 5 months, I took the time yesterday to go to a barber and get a strait razor shave and let my wife chop off my hair. It’s a very relaxing thing if you’ve never gotten shave at a barber before. I went to Dick’s Sports Barber in Eden Prairie to get my face shaved and I must say it was a great experience.

I grew out my hair because I had the privilege of playing the role of Tevye in Fiddler on the Roof – a role I have dreamed of playing since freshman year of high school when I saw Fiddler for the first time. Here is a picture of the performance at Crown College.

Well, after all that hard work of memorizing lines, choreography, scene blocking and growing my hair, I decided I wanted to treat myself to a shave at a barber. It’s kinda like a man’s version of a manicure or something like that. The barber first needed to take a buzzer to my beard to get it to a manageable size. Then I got the hot lather and a warm towel. It’s interesting sitting in a chair with a towel over your face, but it’s all part of the experience. After the shave I went home and had my wife chop off the rest of my hair. Here’s the before and after:

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