Old Fashioned vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

I appreciate art. The ability to be creative is a beautiful skill. The reason movies are so popular is because of a creative story and creative story telling. However, when art infringes on morality, that's when I have a problem. This weekend Fifty Shades of Grey will be coming out in theaters across the country … Continue reading Old Fashioned vs. Fifty Shades of Grey

Showcase Your Work With a Video Portfolio

Never let your Demo Reel get dusty. If you're constantly producing new video, photo or motion graphics content then make sure you're showcasing your work along the way. I have neglected to update my video portfolio for nearly 3 years now. In that time I have helped produce well over 100 videos for Stevenson University, … Continue reading Showcase Your Work With a Video Portfolio

20 After Effects Short Cuts

I've been working with the Adobe motion graphics animation program After Effects for a number of years with good success. However, each project takes a good amount of time due to the deep cavern of possibilities AE has to offer. It's really easy to loose 3-6 hours watching tutorials and practicing animation techniques and applying … Continue reading 20 After Effects Short Cuts

Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate – Creation vs. Evolution

Tonight is the Creation/Evolution Debate with Ken Ham & Bill Nye live at 7pm (EST). I will be watching it tonight at my church Lansdowne Alliance Church for those who are interested in dropping by for the show and discussion afterwards. You can also comment on our Lansdowne Alliance Church Facebook page. For those who … Continue reading Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate – Creation vs. Evolution

Word for the Weak and Weary

Feel like the weight of the world is trying crush your soul? Feel like the pressures around you are snuffing your candle of peace and joy? I feel like that right now. I've been up until 3 or 4am almost every night working to finish some freelance projects while still getting up for work in … Continue reading Word for the Weak and Weary

Advice for the Over Committed

Stage 2 Planning Partners offers these reasons for one's over committed-ness. The reasons are: 1. You have terrible time and project management skills. 2. You’re over committed. ...But professor! Isn't there another option? There's got to be another reason, right? Nope. You are either not managing your time wisely, or you have too much going on.  … Continue reading Advice for the Over Committed

29 Quotes to Inspire You Today

"A Book is a feast. A blog post is a snack. Quotes are just eye candy." - Jake Wattenphul Here is some candy I've come across recently. I hope these inspire you in your walk with God and with life in general. Don't just read, though, do something afterward. 🙂 "It isn't the mountains ahead … Continue reading 29 Quotes to Inspire You Today

What Am I Doing With My Life? 5 Ways to Find Your Calling

Whether you're just finishing high school or college, moving to a new city or weary of the same job, day after day, this question constantly buzzes in the back of our minds. "What should I do with my life?" As a Christian, I have told myself that to simply do the right thing as much … Continue reading What Am I Doing With My Life? 5 Ways to Find Your Calling

Ted Dekker – Outlaw Tour: Who Are We?

Lights go out in the auditorium. Everyone is quiet. Then slowly through the speakers comes mysterious and beautiful choir music. Angel-like song lingers for several minutes and when it stops the promotional video for the tour comes on to reintroduce the topic of the evening. Watch the video below: "OUR LONGING FOR SOMETHING MORE AND … Continue reading Ted Dekker – Outlaw Tour: Who Are We?

Convicted by Chan

I've always been a fan of Francis Chan. His passion for God is undeniable. His captivating talks about Christianity have moved people through sermons, conferences and books such as Crazy Love. But more than his passion, his powerful teachings and his highly impactful books is the fact that he always points people back to God. … Continue reading Convicted by Chan