Removing Specks on Your Lens (Part 2)

I said in my Previous Post that I was removing a fly that landed on my lens in After Effects. Well, here is the Before and After video. Because the fly was only in the sky portion of the video (thank goodness), I was able to use a simple color mask that matched the sky. … Continue reading Removing Specks on Your Lens (Part 2)

20 After Effects Short Cuts

I've been working with the Adobe motion graphics animation program After Effects for a number of years with good success. However, each project takes a good amount of time due to the deep cavern of possibilities AE has to offer. It's really easy to loose 3-6 hours watching tutorials and practicing animation techniques and applying … Continue reading 20 After Effects Short Cuts

Camera Operators – The Invisible Ones

You don't experience the moments - you capture them. You don't create memories - you help people remember them in a creative way. You are a camera operator. Is it worth it? This is a shout out to all those who spend their lives behind the lens. You are on the front lines of capturing … Continue reading Camera Operators – The Invisible Ones