What Am I Doing With My Life? 5 Ways to Find Your Calling


Whether you’re just finishing high school or college, moving to a new city or weary of the same job, day after day, this question constantly buzzes in the back of our minds.

“What should I do with my life?”

As a Christian, I have told myself that to simply do the right thing as much as I can, go to church, be nice to people, offer a helping hand as often as is convenient, these things will equal a good life. But why do I still feel empty? Why do I feel like I’m missing my calling in life? Why do I feel hurried and unfulfilled most of the time? 

My life has been spent feeling content with who and where I am. I just make the most of my surroundings and that’s all. Oh, I keep busy. Trust me, I keep busy doing what most people might consider honorable things:

  • I go to work pretty much every day
  • I go to church pretty much every week
  • I am the Head Trustee at my church
  • I am the worship leader at my church
  • I help my wife with the kids and chores when I’m at home.

But how can I do more? How can I be more?

But I’m sick of being content with my life! I want to feel passionate again. I want to feel alive again. I want to feel my veins flood with coursing blood as desire for something more strikes my heart like a fire. I want God to roar in me like a lion. This passion will not come by going to work with the same mindset each day. The feelings of desire will not be present when the daily routine and pressures of life make you feel like you’re treading water, barely keeping your head up enough to breathe.

God created us for so much more. I cannot help but think back to my experience listening to Ted Dekker speak in DC a few months back. We are spiritual beings using a temporary costume. We have nothing to fear in this life. It doesn’t matter what happens to this body, this costume. How people feel about us on earth means nothing compared to how God sees us. Eternity means a lot more than this temporary speck of a life on earth.

So, do these things to find out what you should do with your life:

  1. Let your passion burn inside you then think about your desires and weight what’s most important
  2. Don’t get distracted by lesser things
  3. Write down your thoughts. Get a plan. Set goals. Cut losses.
  4. Take steps toward realizing your passions – network with people who have the same passions
  5. Pray your heart out & listen to God

I’m still trying to go though this to rethink my life and figure out what God is really calling me to do, to become. I’m a work in progress, but I am not settling for who I am right now. I press on to become more faithful to God’s calling on a regular basis. Please let me know your passions and how you’ve realized your callings in life. God bless!

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