We Moved…Again

New place

As if moving halfway across the country – from Minnesota to Baltimore, MD – wasn’t enough. One year later we find ourselves moving again. The reason? Living in or around Baltimore…or anywhere near Washington DC is expensive. Our apartment & utility bills were creeping up over our budgeted allotment for living expenses. Our lease was to expire in September, so we spent much of the summer looking for a new place to move.

We had a few conversations with the Bergeys, the family we stayed with for a couple days when we first moved to Maryland (with whom we are eternally grateful for their willingness to take us in). They were talking for a time about moving, but after hearing our need for less expensive accommodations, decided to think and pray about our situation and see if it could be possible for us to move in with them.

After much prayer, discussion and other possible apartments came up we settled with living at the Bergey’s place. We packed and had family and friends help us move all our stuff on the last weekend of September from our apartment complex in Windsor Mill, MD down to Halethorpe, MD. We are still very grateful for everyone who lent us a truck and/or time and muscle to help us move…even if all we could afford to pay you was pizza and pie.

So far, we have enjoyed our new place very much. Things like free babysitting, garage access for my motorcycle, a park adjacent to the house property, living just a mile from our church and solid Christian friends to share life with make our new location a million times better than our old apartment.

Of course, there was the time our van got stolen two weeks after we moved there…but that’s for another blog post.

All things considered, we are very grateful for our new place at the Bergey’s. God has blessed us immensely with our new place. If you’d like to stop by for a visit, we’d love to have you over. We also love board games, food and good conversation!

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