9 Reasons I’m Not a Millionaire

Mr. Monopoly

Here are my reasons for not being a millionaire:

  1. I was not born into a wealthy family
  2. My wife was not born into a wealthy family
  3. I’m not an inventor
  4. I am not a pro football player or Justin Bieber
  5. A rich uncle has not passed away and left me in his will (in fact, I don’t think we have rich uncles)
  6. I do not buy lottery tickets nor go to the casino (maybe that’s just a reason I’m not dirt poor…)
  7. My wife and I have college loans we’re still diligently paying off
    (Dave Ramsey, of Financial Peace University, says to pay them off before investing in stuff to build wealth)
  8. I did not marry Sandra Bullock
  9. I am perfectly fine with the fact I’m not a millionaire

Would I be opposed to being a millionaire? Nope. However, I know how much work and sacrifice it takes to make a lot of money in this world (when it’s not given to you, of course). I do have dreams of doing some big things with my faith in Christ, my video production skills, my gift of making music and my desire to help people, but I know these are not really the most efficient ways to make a lot of money. I am a guy who loves the arts. As Pablo Picasso said:

“Every child is an artist.  The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”
–Pablo Picasso

The problem with being an artist when you grow up? You have bills to pay and family to take care of. Music, painting, dancing, making videos and doing photography take time, precious moments that you could be using to play with kids, hang with your wife and/or pick up a side job to pay off loans. Life gets you down, but as a little fish once said, “just keep swimming, just keep swimming…”

What’s your reason for not being a millionaire? …or if you are, how can I convey my desire to just have my loans paid off. 😉

Have a blessed day!

2 thoughts on “9 Reasons I’m Not a Millionaire

    1. Yea, I think my mom told me this quote a number of years ago, but forgot it until I saw it in a Forbes.com article again. I agree with Picasso. It’s hard to be an artist when the worries and responsibilities of life weight you down. Blessings, Tim!

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