Ukraine and the World


What’s happening in the Ukraine is amazing from both sides, the government’s oppression and the protesters revolt. The government is going against the people and the people are fighting back in very innovative ways. (Read a great article about the Ukraine situation: Click Here)

We hear about these problems in the world, but we are not given much explanation as to why and how these people are protesting. People are mostly fed lame stories about celebrities being arrested for a DUI (ie. Justin Beiber) or some such petty information. But to get more information on stories such as the Ukraine, Egypt and Syria you have to do some digging. Fortunately for those of us with the internet that is not heavily monitored (like those in Ukraine, China, etc.). We can start to uncover more of the truth behind the civil unrest around the world. However, you must brace yourselves for the true injustice, frustration, persecution and government oppression that exists in much heavier forms over seas.

So how do we react to these stories of tragedy around the world? Here is what goes through my mind when I see a story like the Ukraine.

  1. I read the headline and become curious
  2. I read a short article of an event
  3. I become saddened by the injustice
  4. I want to do something somehow
  5. I find a longer article and become disengaged halfway through
  6. I realize I cannot really do much of anything to help them
  7. I wonder if this could happen in America
  8. I realize I cannot really do much of anything to prevent it from happening here
  9. I slowly find something else to get my mind off it

Can you relate? So what should we do as a passionate Christian who desires to be like Christ? Here is what I think we should do and if you have more to add, please offer your comments below:

  1. Be conscious about what’s happening in the world
    – Strive to understand, but do not overwhelm yourself with so much info. Don’t loose sight of your own circle of influence. Understand that you can only focus on so much each day. Choose to focus more time on the present with those around you unless God is calling you to help a situation. In that case, pour your heart, soul and resources into helping those in need.
  2. Don’t let it breed fear
    – It is really easy to see sin and injustice in the world and become frightened for your country. I understand there are real concerns, but how many times in the Bible does God tell us “do not be afraid”? (How Many Times is Fear Not Actually In The Bible?) So, while you can be afraid of things, understand that God is in control and will give us what we need and will be with us in the hard times. Which leads me to the next point…
  3. Pray for the Persecution and injustice
    – We may not be able to do much physically, but prayer is a powerful thing. Ask God for anything and he will work in amazing ways. They may not be what we want or expect, but good will come of your prayers. Pray that God’s people will unite in hardships and be bold in their faith in spite of persecution. Pray that the Church will courageously reach out to the hurting.
  4. Find a way to help
    – Not all of us have time to fly to a place that is in turmoil to offer a helping hand. Many do not have the resources or connections to offer large amounts of aid to those who are hurting overseas. But if you feel compelled to help, do so with all your heart and God will provide the way. Don’t hold back if God plants the fire in your soul. Don’t let that fire be snuffed by something insignificant such as other’s opinions, mockery or thoughts you are crazy. As Nike says, “Just Do It”.

Let me know your thoughts and offer up anything I’ve missed. Thanks for reading!

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