Day Two – England Video Shoot

What a couple of days I’ve had.

I was a bit nervous traveling overseas with a few thousand dollars of personal and rented video equipment. Will the checked bags get lost? Will customs open up and mess with my stuff? That was in the back of my mind for much of the flight to England, minus the 2 hours I actually slept.

The first bit of good news occurred when I got off the plane and all my luggage arrived in perfect condition. Me and the other two reps from Fisher BioServices took our stuff out to the lobby to meet with David, a gentleman from the UK facility who was going to transport us to our hotel for a bit of a breather before heading to the facility to take a quick tour, assemble the video equipment and shoot our first interview.

However, before going to the facility we stopped for lunch at the Three Willows.


The first interview was fine and then we were free for the evening. Man were we tired. We went back to the same place we ate for lunch and then back to the hotel to crash…and charge batteries, and backup the footage I shot.

Today was a very full day. We started at 8am with an interview, then a series of shots of sample storage procedures, then another interview, and shots of the lab, DNA extraction, thawing and processing tube samples, then another interview, then shots of sample transporting, refrigerator inspections, balcony views, system security and finally, another interview.Interview at Fisher BioServices UK lab

The final scheduled event of the day was to enjoy a fantastic meal at The Cricketer, a famous pub and restaurant just north of the city we are staying and working. I was told the place was an inn built in the 1600s. For those of us from America, that’s old, as old as the first American English settlers.

And this is me in a telephone booth outside the restaurant (it’s still operational).

imageWell tomorrow’s another day of shooting and later a trip down to London.

Thanks for reading!

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