Time Lapse – Videos, Tips and Reducing Flicker Problems


As a newcomer to time lapse video I made many good choices. I decided to shoot with 2 cameras to get two different perspectives. I set my DSLR with newly purchased controller to have all manual settings. I set the time between photos to one every 3 seconds which was recommended for fast moving clouds. However, there were a few other tips that could have helped me capture an even more stunning time lapse with less flicker and better color and exposure. Take a look at these videos for more tips on creating fantastic time lapses…

Time lapse landscape photo1

The guy in the following video is a little long winded, but has some fantastic info on how to shoot crisp, clean time lapse videos. Here’s a summary of his camera setting tips as found at about the 6:25 minute mark:

  1. Manual Mode
  2. Manual White Balance
  3. Manual Focus
  4. Cover the Eye Piece (something I did not do my first time out)
  5. Exposure Delay – On
  6. Active D-lighting – Off

I did not use After Effects for my time lapse. I used Premiere Pro CS6 for my edit. But if you want to use After Effects, here is a useful guide.

And in case you only have Photoshop, you can do time lapse videos with that program too. Check out the video to see how.

And here’s another video on time lapse for good measure.

I’ll post an example of my work when it’s done for to you to see. If you have any comments or questions please let me know in the comments below.

As always, thanks for reading!

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