John Lennox Debating like C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”

"I believe in the supernatural God that Created the Heavens and the Earth" - John Lennox This video is very much worth your time and attention. Christianity and even the existence of God has been questioned more and more as generation after generation have been indoctrinated in the heavily publicized, false and cowardly theory of … Continue reading John Lennox Debating like C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”

Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate – Creation vs. Evolution

Tonight is the Creation/Evolution Debate with Ken Ham & Bill Nye live at 7pm (EST). I will be watching it tonight at my church Lansdowne Alliance Church for those who are interested in dropping by for the show and discussion afterwards. You can also comment on our Lansdowne Alliance Church Facebook page. For those who … Continue reading Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate – Creation vs. Evolution

Ukraine and the World

What's happening in the Ukraine is amazing from both sides, the government's oppression and the protesters revolt. The government is going against the people and the people are fighting back in very innovative ways. (Read a great article about the Ukraine situation: Click Here) We hear about these problems in the world, but we are … Continue reading Ukraine and the World

Meeting Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founder

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet and listen to Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, as he came and spoke at Stevenson University. Since I do photography and video production there I get the chance to see some neat people visit campus. My first impression, as he chatted with a few of us before the event, … Continue reading Meeting Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founder