Passion for cinematogrpahy

What does it mean to be a cinematographer or someone who makes really good professional videos? It's not something that everyone can do well. Just like music is gifted to some and not others, the gift of visual storytelling is imparted to a mere slice of the population. This video inspires Wattenphul Productions to dive … Continue reading Passion for cinematogrpahy

New 360 Degree Film Making

I am ever interested in the future of film making. This just blew my mind in both concept and obtainability. Wouldn't it be cool to watch a movie as a┬ácharacter who can look around freely? You could see all the action in every direction while the plot unfolds. No longer would you just see one … Continue reading New 360 Degree Film Making

New Job, New State, New Chapter in Life (Part 1)

Hello again blog-world! This comes almost a year late, but I have not posted anything in quite some time, so I thought I would recap this past year for memory sake. So, I'm now a Videographer/Editor/Photographer for Stevenson University and a resident of Windsor Mill next to Baltimore, MD. How did I get here? Grab … Continue reading New Job, New State, New Chapter in Life (Part 1)