Clarifying the Recent History of Israel

Now I'm not Jewish. As far as I know, I have no Jewish blood. However, as a Christian (and a descent human being), I can differentiate right from wrong, justice and irrational behavior. While the conflict in the middle east has a complicated history on the surface it boils down to one simple premise of … Continue reading Clarifying the Recent History of Israel

John Lennox Debating like C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”

"I believe in the supernatural God that Created the Heavens and the Earth" - John Lennox This video is very much worth your time and attention. Christianity and even the existence of God has been questioned more and more as generation after generation have been indoctrinated in the heavily publicized, false and cowardly theory of … Continue reading John Lennox Debating like C.S. Lewis’ “Mere Christianity”

Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate – Creation vs. Evolution

Tonight is the Creation/Evolution Debate with Ken Ham & Bill Nye live at 7pm (EST). I will be watching it tonight at my church Lansdowne Alliance Church for those who are interested in dropping by for the show and discussion afterwards. You can also comment on our Lansdowne Alliance Church Facebook page. For those who … Continue reading Ken Ham and Bill Nye debate – Creation vs. Evolution

Camera Operators – The Invisible Ones

You don't experience the moments - you capture them. You don't create memories - you help people remember them in a creative way. You are a camera operator. Is it worth it? This is a shout out to all those who spend their lives behind the lens. You are on the front lines of capturing … Continue reading Camera Operators – The Invisible Ones

Meeting Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founder

Yesterday I had the privilege to meet and listen to Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, as he came and spoke at Stevenson University. Since I do photography and video production there I get the chance to see some neat people visit campus. My first impression, as he chatted with a few of us before the event, … Continue reading Meeting Steve Wozniak – Apple Co-Founder

9 Reasons I’m Not a Millionaire

Here are my reasons for not being a millionaire: I was not born into a wealthy family My wife was not born into a wealthy family I'm not an inventor I am not a pro football player or Justin Bieber A rich uncle has not passed away and left me in his will (in fact, … Continue reading 9 Reasons I’m Not a Millionaire

Advice for the Over Committed

Stage 2 Planning Partners offers these reasons for one's over committed-ness. The reasons are: 1. You have terrible time and project management skills. 2. You’re over committed. ...But professor! Isn't there another option? There's got to be another reason, right? Nope. You are either not managing your time wisely, or you have too much going on.  … Continue reading Advice for the Over Committed

29 Quotes to Inspire You Today

"A Book is a feast. A blog post is a snack. Quotes are just eye candy." - Jake Wattenphul Here is some candy I've come across recently. I hope these inspire you in your walk with God and with life in general. Don't just read, though, do something afterward. 🙂 "It isn't the mountains ahead … Continue reading 29 Quotes to Inspire You Today

Hook-ed on Ukulele Work-ed for Me

So, my wife got me a ukulele this past Christmas. I don't remember ever indicating my desire to have a ukulele. I'd hinted my desire to someday play a guitar, but I know a guitar worth buying is out of my price range. But my wife surprised me and got me a uke with an … Continue reading Hook-ed on Ukulele Work-ed for Me

The Internet is Flat…

I am flabbergasted! Apparently the internet is flat. I reached the end and almost fell off. Having a conversation with my wife, brother and sister-in-law, I was asked to type out into the address bar and see what came up. I will leave it up to you to find out for yourself what happened. … Continue reading The Internet is Flat…